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Surnames: Anderson Ball Barbee
Beall Bolyard Bowes Bryan Clifton Cofer Colbert Covington Crawford Dunbar Foster Gardner Giddens Grimsley Groom(s) Hanks Higgins Hightower Hill Hollis Houston Humphries Inmon Jack Johnston Jones Keasler Kingsley Kindel Kuykendall Lincoln Long Love Marshall McCallie McCarty McCroskey McNeely Meyer Miller Mills Montague Montgomery Moore Morrow Neal Page Parker Roberts Robertson Robeson Robinson Rogers Rose Sanders Scott Shahan Smith Stowe Stribling Stringfellow Tanner Tarver Teague Thompson Townsend Walker Washington Welch Welborn Williams Yoakum
and others

William Jasper Hill photo
& photo of Daniel & Lottie Kingsley w 3 children


RootsWeb "World Connect Project"
(includes 155,020 names from all reports)
[Last updated 7/7/2016]

Genealogy Reports of Ancestors/Descendants

McCarty Descendants

Grimsley Family
Updated 6-28-2007

Crawford Family
Crawford File - Updated 7/26/2007

Descendants of Jeremiah Kingsley

Descendants of Conrad William Meyer
Updated 1/4/2002

Descendants of Jasper Gardner
(Last updated 1/12/2008)

Richard GIDDENS 1765-1834

HILL Connection
(William Jasper Hill, etc)

Sarah A. SCOTT Descendants

William TARVER Descendants

Alexander McCallie & Margaret Majough
Last update 5/13/2005

BEALL Descendants

Thomas Neal, Sr. (c 1720 - 1799)

Thomas Hanks Descendants

William Henry KEASLER Descendants
(s/o Paul Keisler\Keasler)
[Last updated 13 May 2006]

Abraham KUYKENDALL Descendants

Descendants of
Andrew ROBESON,Jr of Scotland (1654-1720)
[Last updated 22 November 2006]

Edward Welborn (c 1660 - 1731)

This page was created and is maintained by "LDK". Information contained herein is not copyrighted and the compiler is not responsible for the accuracy or integrity of information. Genealogy information is provided via submissions of other compilers, family records, court & county records, etc. Some of the data is verified via written documents &/or copies of such documents.

Much credit is due SALLY RUCIDLO (Hazel Evelyn Kingsley), my aunt, who began a quest of gathering family genealogy information prior to her death. (Photo of Sally)


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